Essentials of daily life

Nipolon® Hard high-density polyethylene

Tosoh Nipolon Hard is acclaimed for its high tensile strength, hardness and excellent processing characteristics. It is used in countless packaging products essential to daily life. Applications include blow molding for milk bottles, detergent bottles, chemical drums, fuel tanks, blown film for shopping bags, food packages, crates, housewares, toys and many more.

Packing film and easy-peel seals

Melthene®-M Adhesive polymer

Tosoh Melthene-M is an adhesive polymer that offers excellent adhesion with most substrates, without the use of solvents. Core applications include extrusion coating and laminating textile, lumber, plastic, rubber, metal, formed products and paper, and easy-peel seals for plastic containers.

Box liners and carton sealants

Nipoflex® Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer

Among its many applications, Tosoh Nipoflex is used to create blown film and sheet extrusion for box liners, stretch film, hot melt adhesive for case and carton sealing, plywood labels and many other items. Tosoh Nipoflex resins offer flexibility over a wide range of temperatures, as well as high-impact strength and elasticity, and resistance to environmental stress cracking.



Tosoh provides essential materials that go into the manufacturing of bottles, drums, tanks, crates, shopping bags and food and other product containers.