Environment,Safety & Quality

Tosoh is a model of environmental responsibility. 

A large part of Tosoh's operations are directly related to the environment. As such, we recognize it as our moral imperative to take a leadership role in thoughts, actions, and processes designed to ensure that the Group's growth is in harmony with and gives proper respect to planet Earth. 

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Cement products demonstrate Tosoh's efforts in efficiency and recycling. Ashes from the coal used to fire our boilers are recycled as a raw materials in the production of another one of our products, cement.

Environmental concerns are at the forefront of the Tosoh Group's corporate activities. In Japan, Tosoh has been a member of the Japan Responsible Care Council since 1995 (Learn more »). We've implemented a number of voluntary programs aimed at improving our manufacturing processes and operations. We've initiated a set of Guiding Principles on the Environment, Safety, and Health, which form the three pillars of Tosoh's corporate policy.

Our recycling program contributes to the disposal of municipal waste, accepting from external sources waste materials such as used tires and refuse-derived fuel (RDF). We conduct regular environmental, healt, and safety audits, and foster understanding within the corporate group and local communities.